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Viga Toys Maze Puzzle Image
Viga Toys Maze Puzzle Image
Viga Toys Maze Puzzle Image

Viga Toys Maze Puzzle

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Beautifully made wooden toy for problem solving, perseverance, suits all ages! - More Information

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The Maze Puzzle requires problem solving skills. Each column has different obstacles to manipulate the pieces over.

This requires hand and eye coordination as the user works out which way to twist the pieces.

Fine motor skills are also developed and maintained as as the user will need to hold the pieces in different ways when manipulating the parts, encouraging arch development and various grips, all vital for everyday tasks including opening jars or holding and using a pencil for a period of time. 

This will help the user to develop perseverance when having to adjust their approach to the puzzle.

This puzzle is suitable for children from 18 months. Encourages a number of skills for older children and suitable for those with dementia.


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