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Puzzle Shoe Lace

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Easy for little hands to manipulate, made from durable wood and suitable for varying sill levels. Hand-eye coordination, visual motor integration, fine motor grip, learn to tie shoes. - More Information

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The shoe lacing puzzle is designed to develop a number of skills in children aged from 3. The first step of this activity is completing a puzzle.

The puzzle has knobs making it easy for younger children to pick up and manipulate the pieces. The knobs help a child to refine their pincer grip assisting them to become ready for other tasks such as doing up buttons and handwriting.

The puzzle has matching pictures assisting in developing hand eye co-ordination and visual perceptual skills. We use these skills in activities such as reaching for an item and being able to grasp it, copying work off a board and catching balls.

To further enhance these skills a child is able to thread the laces through the knobs on the puzzle. The next step to this activity is for children to learn to tie their shoe laces.

This will be more appropriate for four to five year olds.


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