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Magnetic Caterpillar Game w Rod Image

Magnetic Caterpillar Game w Rod

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Durable wooden puzzle, compact making it easy to use in different locations, fun way to explore fine motor skills. Assists with hand eye coordination, visual perceptual skills and fine motor. - More Information

Additional Information

This beautiful magnetic puzzle is suitable for children just starting with jigsaw puzzles.

While doing this puzzle your child will work on their hand and eye co-ordination as they need to line up the magnetic fishing rod to pick up the pieces.

This puzzle introduces early visual spatial skills as your child identifies the appropriate position for puzzle pieces. A child will need to practice their visual scanning and attention to locate appropriate puzzle pieces.

  • Visual scanning is used daily for example when walking and scanning the environment to avoid obstacles.
  • Visual attention is required when looking for specific items and being able to filter out other objects. For example locating a specific pair of socks in a draw.

Problem solving skills are required as  your child needs to make changes if  needing to re-position puzzle pieces.

Not suitable for children under 3


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