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Chewigem Hexichew Image
Chewigem Hexichew Image

Chewigem Hexichew

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A new design incorporating both a strong chew toy as well as a fidget toy. The Hexichew is approximately 15 cm in diameter, so it's quite large.
It has six arms, 3 with balls and 3 with loops. You can link the arms together by bending them across, or they can link multiple Hexichews together.
Hexichews can help with:
* Chewing to improve low muscle tone - suitable for mild to moderate chewers
* Sensory regulation via chewing and/or fidgeting with all the bumps and ridges
* Developing fine motor skills, strength & hand eye co-ordination when using 2 or more together
Hexichews can be washed in the dishwasher, steriliser or warm water. Check frequently for damage and stop using if/when damage shows.


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