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SALE - Book Julia Cook - It's Hard to be a Verb

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Louis is a verb who can't seem to control himself when he gets the urge to move at the wrong time and situation. This books covers great techniques to help keep his inner twitching and jumping in check. A positive resource for anyone dealing with ADHD. - More Information

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Louis is a verb! He has difficulty focusing and he is always doing something. But the trouble is it usually the wrong something.

It’s Hard To Be A Verb. My knees start itching, my toes start twitching, my skin gets jumpy, others get grumpy. When it come to sitting still it’s just not my deal. Haven’t you heard… I am a verb!

Louis mum teaches him how to focus by using practical strategies that anyone can try. This book is a great resource for anyone who has difficulty focusing and just need to move either due to sensory processing disorder or ADHD.


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