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Occupational Therapy Products for Kids

Children use play to develop and grow, and toys or activities help support a child’s development if used correctly.

Sisu7 carries a wide range of products that provide children with a variety of developmental outcomes, contributing to their learning, social and academic skills. Teachers and occupational therapists in Australia enjoy the durability of our sensory toys for kids with autism, which have been used in classrooms and therapy centres throughout the country. We also carry fine motor skills toys and gross motor skills toys to help children develop and reach their maximum potential.

Although most of our products look like toys, they can also be used as tools to build functional skills, support sensory integration therapy and solve common problems for those with disorders in sensory processing. We also carry books that help with children’s creativity and imagination.

Browse through the rest of the page for more details about our sensory toys for kids with special needs. There is a short video available to explain how to use the product and its benefits.

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