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Tenzi Dice Game

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A fun game of number recognition! Each player throws 10 dice and whichever number is shown the most is your number! Keep throwing the remaining dice to get all your dice showing that number. The first to get all 10 matching shouts TENZI! - More Information

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Tenzi is a fast game designed to help children with counting and fine motor skills.  It is a fast paced game that is easy to play, and suits ages 5 and up.

Play with friends or family!  Each player has a set of coloured dice, and throws the dice with the aim of getting as many dice show the same number.  That is your number. Put those dice aside, throw the remaining dice and put aside any more that are the same number as your number.  Keep throwing until all your dice show that number.  The first to get all your dice showing your number yells out TENZI!

Buy the companion card set on 77 ways to play here:

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