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Chewigem Emotichew Bracelet Image
Chewigem Emotichew Bracelet Image

Chewigem Emotichew Bracelet

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Have you noticed when you are upset or angry it's harder to find the words to express yourself? The Emotichew provides a simple and easy solution to communicate when emotions are high. - More Information

Additional Information

Do you have a loved one in your life who has difficulty regulating their emotions, or becomes anxious?

Have you noticed when they are struggling with their emotions they find it difficult to communicate their needs?

This bangle gives your special person some control back when their world feels like its falling apart.

This is how-

  • A simple flip changes the colour giving them a voice when they have lost theirs
  • The green side says "Talk to me"
  • The red side says "Leave me be"
  • It is made from chewable silicone particularly important for those who crave sensory input through chewing and sucking on things. It will help to calm their bodies

This product is a mild chew and comes in two sizes-

  • Small 55 mm internal diameter (standard child size 3-12 years)
  • Large 65 mm Internal diameter (standard adult size 8-adult)

This product is particularly beneficial for those with-

  • ASD
  • ADHD
  • Emotional regulation difficulty
  • Sensory processing difficulty
  • Anxiety
  • Speech difficulties or are non-verbal
  • Dementia



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