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Tips to Settle Your Kids into School

How is it already the middle of the school term?! We know that kids can sometimes take time getting settled, even now.

It’s a big transition for students, parents and teachers alike, so we’ve created a list of recommendations to help make the transition easier for everyone.

  1. Make the school environment familiar.

Drive or walk by your child’s school with them. Create a visual social story with pictures of your child’s classroom, teacher, playground and toilets. It's likely the school already has these images ready to go.

      2. Practice your child’s daily routine.

Create a visual schedule they can tick off. Get them involved in making their lunch and laying out school clothes the night before. Wearing their school uniform and shoes during imaginative play sessions will help them process the transition and alert to any sensory issues. Many children find chewing a calming action, so fixing a ChewiGem product to your child clothing or stationery can help.

      3. Find resources that promote mindfulness.

We recommend books such as Be Where Your Feet Are, Soda Pop Head & Don’t Be Afraid To Drop.

      4. Make sure your child has a safe place to go.

If they feel overwhelmed, classrooms often have a reading corner or breakout room, you can identify these at an induction and make your child is familiar with it. A body sock may provide a calming space for those children who need assistance with self-regulation and body awareness. Chat to the teacher to see if this could be used as a calming strategy if needed


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