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The Scoop on Slime: How This Goopy Substance Benefits Children

If you’ve been out shopping for kids’ gifts lately, you’ve probably seen an influx of slime-making materials in Australian stores. If you’ve recently browsed online looking for great activities you can do with the kids, slime-making may have made several lists. Our kids are going crazy over slime.

The trend of making slime has stuck (pun fully intended) not only because it’s a fun, sensory activity for kids and kids-at-heart, but because it also has many amazing benefits. So, if you’re already thinking about saying no to slime-making because of the potential mess it’s going to make, look at the following benefits your kids can enjoy when they engage in this activity:

  1. Slime-making is science

A lot of activities kids engage in are educational, from playing with dolls to scribbling on pieces of paper. Slime-making isn’t any different. When making slime, you can teach your kids about chemistry and how different substances combined can change and form a new substance. It’s also a great way to hone their math skills by measuring the ingredients they need to make perfectly goopy slime.

This hands-on experience is a fun way to learn science, it certainly beats a textbook.

  1. Slime-making is a sensory activity

You can buy different sensory toys in Australia and slime is one of the more popular ones. When making slime, kids are literally hands-on. They engage most of their senses, that of touch most of all. Kids can smell slime, listen to the goopy sounds it makes, watch it mix, stretch and flow and, of course, feel its soft, squishy texture. It's better to tell them not to taste it.

When kids’ senses are engaged, it’s easier for them to focus and feel calm. Sensory play, like slime-making, promotes motor and cognitive development.

  1. Slime-making is a perfect brain break activity

While your kids can learn about science and mathematics when making slime, it is also a simple, fun and pressure-free activity. As your children add and mix ingredients, they’re focused on that action only. Then, they can knead away on the slime, making it their personal, fluffier stress ball.

  1. Slime-making is a great bonding activity

If you have two or more kids and you want to give them something to bond over, slime-making can be magical. They can learn the value of sharing by dividing the ingredients between them, as well as the importance of working together.

This activity also helps develop your connection with them. Let them see that you’re genuinely interested in creating homemade slime with them. What’s more, you can also use this activity as a potential gateway to having healthy conversations with your kids.

Help Your Children Develop Through Play

Slime-making is only one of the many ways toys and other playing materials help children develop and grow. Sisu7 is one of Australia’s most trusted providers of occupational therapy equipment and sensory toys. We understand the importance of play and we’re committed to helping parents provide the sensory toys their kids need. 

Browse through our online store and discover that play can help and develop anyone.


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