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Sisu7 Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas!

Are you struggling to come up with a gift for your child that won’t just be thrown in the pile and forgotten about?

Are you sick of having toys for the sake of having another toy?

Well we have the perfect gifts for you.  To make it easier for you we have come up with our top 5 list!

All these gifts have meaning and purpose and help with child development all the while being fun. We have chosen gifts that we have all loved having fun with, and have seen children light up when they are interacting with them.

 Here goes-

  1. Connetix Tiles – This is a favourite and one of our best sellers. So many skills are developed with this visually stunning toy. Children of all ages starting from 3 love this toy which means it will get years of use. 
  2. Slapzi is a fast paced game all about speed! Be the first to match the right picture cards to the right clue cards. Each player is dealt 5 double sided picture cards which are laid on the surface in front of you. Clue cards are read out and the players need to match their cards with the clue cards. First person to get rid of all their cards wins. Who knew you could have fun and develop so many skills while playing a game. 
  3. Slackers Ninja Line - the gift that childhood memories are made from! Are you sick of the kids being inside on screens and constantly telling them to go outside? With the Slackers Ninja Line they will want to go outside. This toy was voted Best Toys for Kids by the American Specialty Retailing Association and it is easy to see why.
  4. Tenzi- is a fast and crazy game which the whole family will love! Who knew a game that can be over in a few minutes could provide so many valuable skills. Click here to watch a video by an Occupational Therapist demonstrating how Tenzi can build skills.
  5. Body Sock- ok so this one is a little left of centre but perfect for those children who struggle with sensory processing particularly at Christmas time where our sensory system is sent in to overdrive. The sensory sock provides calming feedback from the proprioceptive system. Better still the body sock is portable and provides a quick place to hide away when the festivities become too much. 


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