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5 Products To Improve Fine Motor Skills in Children

Fine motor skills are essential for independence and self confidence in the classroom and make up a huge portion of a child's school day. 

When a child lacks the appropriate level of fine motor skills, everyday tasks can be challenging and may cause difficulties in key learning areas. These skills include but are not limited to handwriting, tying shoes, opening packets or food containers and packing their school bags.

If you notice a child in your classroom having difficulties with fine motor activities, there are several products on the market that can develop these skills, building self-confidence and improving learning outcomes in the process.


1. The CrossOver Pencil Grip encourages the correct pencil grip and can assist better handwriting by placing fingers in the correct position. Added wings prevent fingers from crossing over.


2. Pencil Pushers are a subtle way for individuals who learn best while fidgeting. Assess whether the child requires extra sensory input to concentrate before introducing this product.


3. Crayon Rocks encourage correct tripod grip to get children ready for school. Beautiful blend-able colours made with soy wax and natural ingredients.


4. Our Shoe Lacing Puzzle is designed to develop a number of skills. The puzzle has knobs making it easy for younger children to pick up and manipulate the pieces. The knobs help a child to refine their pincer grip assisting them to become ready for other tasks such as doing up buttons and handwriting. The puzzle has matching pictures assisting in developing hand-eye coordination and visual perceptual skills. To further enhance these skills the laces can be threaded through the knobs and eventually tied into shoelaces.


5. Our Dot-To-Dot Activity Book is suitable all ages, and works on visual scanning, counting and numbering as well as mindfulness.


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