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Little items that make a big difference

Many of our products have the benefit of being toys that can improve the quality of life for people of all ages. They have a purpose beyond pure entertainment, which is why they make great stocking fillers!

This Christmas, get something that will help your loved one with their education, development or therapy. 

Here's a list of 10 little items...

Jacob's Ladder helps people of all ages to work on their wrist and arm strength, co-ordination and can also aid strength for handwriting.

The Atomic Twist is a quiet fidget toy that can be rolled, flipped and turned to help maintain a calm state and keep the hands busy.

Theraputty comes in different strengths and is suitable for those wanting to develop fine motor skills. It can also be used by those undergoing hand rehabilitation (on advice from treating clinician).

Chewigem Treads Bracelet is designed for the mild to moderate chewer and is intended to sooth and comfort children. The bracelet is made of non-toxic, BPA, lead, and latex free silicone, giving parents and caregivers peace of mind. 

The Wooden Ball Massager is a great fidget toy! A beautiful and smooth round disc with a rolling ball in the middle.

Crayon Rocks encourage correct tripod grip to get children ready for school. Beautiful blendable colours made with soy wax and natural ingredients.

Sensory/fidget Spiky Acupressure Rings are small enough to fit in a pocket, which makes them discrete for older children. They provide deep pressure and tactile feedback and can assist with concentration and anxiety.

CrossOver Pencil Grip encourages the correct pencil grip and can assist better handwriting by placing fingers in the correct position.

The Smiley Face Gel Ball is a soft ball that can assist with concentration, focus, anxiety, hand strengthening and circulation. It's great for both children and adults.

The Spinning Top is a great tool for practising pincer grip as well as hand eye co-ordination. Who knew a toy could have so many benefits!

We have a wide range of products for aged support, children, disability and mental health.

Our final package will be posted at 2pm on Tuesday 22 December 2020, so get in quick! Also available in-store at Domain Central, Townsville.


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